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The Nutritional Science Research Group issues a quarterly electronic newsletter, Nutrition Frontiers, that highlights emerging evidence linking diet to cancer prevention and showcases recent findings about who will likely benefit most from dietary change.

Nutrition Frontiers is for anyone interested in learning more about emerging science and clinical studies. Whether you are someone dealing with cancer on a personal level, or you are a student, health professional, or scientist, this newsletter can be useful to you and keep you abreast of the latest conferences, workshops, and funding opportunities in the nutrition and cancer prevention community.

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Volume 13, Issue 1
This issue of Nutrition Frontiers showcases gut permeability with calcium and/or vitamin D3, microRNAs role in suppressing colitis and inflammation-associated colon cancer, and how dietary spinach reshapes gut microbiome. Meet our spotlight investigator, Dr. Karam.
(Delivered Winter 2022)


Volume 12, Issue 4
This issue we highlight diet quality on COVID risk and severity, along with kava’s role in lung cancer in active smokers, as well as lifelong exposure of bioactives such as ECGC and sulforaphane from green tea and broccoli sprouts. Meet our spotlight investigator, Dr. Igor Pogribny.
(Delivered Fall 2021)

Volume 12, Issue 3
This issue we showcase genetically predicted circulating PUFAs and colorectal cancer risk, miRNAs as early indicators of lifestyle changes in women with breast cancer, and how antibiotics, historically used in preclinical studies of folate depletion, may perturb various energy metabolism pathways.
(Delivered Summer 2021)

Volume 12, Issue 2
The warming weather brings outdoor grilling and a good time to showcase recent publications on heterocyclic aromatic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their role in cancer. We highlight oxidative stress in men with high-risk prostate cancer. Meet our investigator, Dr. Ming You.
(Delivered Spring 2021)

Volume 12, Issue 1
This issue showcases results from the VITAL trial on vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids on kidney function, anti-colonic inflammation properties of black raspberry, and the reversal of the Warburg effect by sulforaphane in prostate cancer. Meet our spotlight investigator, Dr. Demark-Wahnefried.
(Delivered Winter 2021)


Volume 11, Issue 4
This issue reveals a metaproteomic approach to assessing the gut microbiome, genestein’s effect on remodeling pathways to suppress kidney cancer, and neferine from lotus seeds pro-oxidant anticancer mechanisms. Meet our spotlight investigator, Dr. Hartman.
(Delivered Fall 2020)

Volume 11, Issue 3
This issue reveals zinc’s chemopreventive activity for Barrett’s Esophagus, the nutritional environment and intestinal stem cell’s contribution to colorectal cancer, and Sirt1 signaling in astrocytes’ contribution to metabolic and reproductive regulation. Meet our spotlight investigator, Dr. Ryan.
(Delivered Summer 2020)

Volume 11, Issue 2
This issue reveals there is no association between vitamin D supplementation and colorectal adenomas or polyps risk, that SAHA and EGCG promote apoptosis in breast cancer, and how the metabolome changes in colorectal cancer survivors consuming rice bran. Meet our spotlight investigator, Dr. Xing.
(Delivered Spring 2020)

Volume 11, Issue 1
This issue showcases how genetic variants may explain the response to tomato juice intake in men with prostate cancer, how cruciferous vegetables may inhibit growth of prostate cancer cells, and how expression of a genetic variant promotes triple negative breast cancer.
(Delivered Winter 2020)