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02/02/2017 - Nutrition Frontiers - Winter 2017 - Volume 8, Issue 1 Dear Colleague, The winter issue of Nutrition Frontiers showcases gut permeability...
01/30/2017 - Less-Frequent Zoledronic Acid Treatment Effective at Preventing Bone Metastasis Complications - In a clinical trial involving patients with metastatic cancer, administration of zoledronic acid every 12...
01/13/2017 - Data Science Bowl Launched to Improve Lung Cancer Screening - The third annual Data Science Bowl opened on January 12, 2017 with the goal of improving the detection...

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NCI Shady Grove Conference TE-Seminar...
30 - 31
NCI Shady Grove Campus, Room TE406

Our Research

The Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) conducts and supports research to determine a person's risk of cancer and to find ways to reduce the risk. This knowledge is critical to making progress against cancer because risk varies over the lifespan as genetic and epigenetic changes can transform healthy tissue into cancer.

With an overall goal to detect such changes and intervene early in the cancer process to prevent symptomatic disease and death, DCP funds and provides support to clinical and laboratory researchers, community and multidisciplinary teams, and scientific networks. 

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