Funded Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization Title Project Number Fiscal Year
Abbott, Karen L. Univ Of Arkansas For Med Scis Glycomics Laboratory for the Early Detection of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer 4U01CA168870-05 2016
Abbott, Karen L. Univ Of Arkansas For Med Scis Glycomics Laboratory for the Development of Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers 1U01CA226055-01 2018
Abdel-Malek, Zalfa University Of Cincinnati Melanoma prevention by MC1R selective small peptide analogs of alpha MSH 5R21CA191761-02 2016
Abyzov, Alexej Mayo Clinic Rochester Detection of somatic, subclonal and mosaic CNVs from sequencing 1U24CA220242-01A1 2018
Agarwal, Rajesh University Of Colorado Denver Skin Cancer Chemoprevention by Silibinin: Mechanisms and Efficacy 2R01CA140368-06 2017
Agarwal, Rajesh University Of Colorado Denver Molecular mechanism of bitter melon juice efficacy against pancreatic cancer. 5R01CA195708-04 2017
Allen, Peter J Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Biomarker validation for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas 5R01CA182076-04 2017
Amos, Christopher I Baylor College Of Medicine Coordinating Center: Molecular and Cellular Findings of Screen-Detected Lesions 7U01CA196386-04 2017
Anant, Shrikant University Of Kansas Medical Center Bitter Melon Component and Colon Cancer Prevention 5R01CA190291-04 2017
Anderson, Daniel M Healthpartners Institute Metro-Minnesota Community Clinical Oncology Program (MM-CCOP) 5UG1CA189863-05 2017
Anderson, Karen Sue Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Rapid Point of Care Detection of HPV-Associated Malignancies 5UG3CA211415-02 2018
Araneta, Maria Rosario G. University Of California, San Diego Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) Phase 3 – Research Project 5U01DK048339-25 2018
Armenian, Saro Beckman Research Institute/City Of Hope Reducing risk of Anthracycline-related heart failure after childhood cancer 5R01CA196854-03 2017
Atkins, James Norman Southeast Clinical Oncol Res Consortium Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium, Inc. (SCOR) 5UG1CA189858-04 2017
Augenlicht, Leonard H. Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, Inc Age and Diet: Major interacting factors that drive sporadic intestinal cancer 5R01CA174432-06 2018