Funded Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization Title Project Number Fiscal Year
Abbott, Karen L. Univ Of Arkansas For Med Scis Glycomics Laboratory for the Development of Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers 1U01CA226055-01 2018
Abyzov, Alexej Mayo Clinic Rochester Detection of somatic, subclonal and mosaic CNVs from sequencing 1U24CA220242-01A1 2018
Agarwal, Rajesh University Of Colorado Denver Skin Cancer Chemoprevention by Silibinin: Mechanisms and Efficacy 5R01CA140368-07 2018
Agarwal, Rajesh University Of Colorado Denver Molecular mechanism of bitter melon juice efficacy against pancreatic cancer. 5R01CA195708-04 2017
Allen, Peter J Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Biomarker validation for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas 5R01CA182076-04 2017
Amos, Christopher I Baylor College Of Medicine Coordinating Center: Molecular and Cellular Findings of Screen-Detected Lesions 7U01CA196386-04 2017
Anant, Shrikant University Of Kansas Medical Center Bitter Melon Component and Colon Cancer Prevention 5R01CA190291-04 2017
Anderson, Daniel M Healthpartners Institute Metro-Minnesota Community Clinical Oncology Program (MM-CCOP) 5UG1CA189863-05 2017
Anderson, Karen Sue Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Rapid Point of Care Detection of HPV-Associated Malignancies 5UG3CA211415-02 2018
Araneta, Maria Rosario G. University Of California, San Diego Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study (DPPOS) Phase 3 – Research Project 5U01DK048339-25 2018
Armenian, Saro Beckman Research Institute/City Of Hope Reducing risk of Anthracycline-related heart failure after childhood cancer 5R01CA196854-03 2017
Arnold, Corey Wells University Of California Los Angeles Predicting the Presence of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer using Multiparametric MRI and MR-US Fusion Biopsy 1R21CA220352-01A1 2018
Atkins, James Norman Southeast Clinical Oncol Res Consortium Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium, Inc. (SCOR) 5UG1CA189858-04 2017
Augenlicht, Leonard H. Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, Inc Age and Diet: Major interacting factors that drive sporadic intestinal cancer 5R01CA174432-06 2018
Augenlicht, Leonard H. Albert Einstein College Of Medicine, Inc A Major Nutritional Effect on Intestinal Stem Cells and Tumors 1R01CA214625-01A1 2018