Funded Grants

PI Name Sort descending PI Organization Title Grant Number Initiative Program Official
Abdi, Salahadin

University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
United States

Innovative Treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Painful Peripheral Neuropathy in Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer: A two arm pilot study 5R21CA256136-02 PAR-20-292 (R21 Clinical Trial Optional)
Abrams, Julian

Columbia University Health Sciences
United States

The Oral Microbiome for the Detection of Barretts Esophagus 5R01CA238433-05
Abyzov, Alexej

Mayo Clinic Rochester
United States

Detection of somatic, subclonal and mosaic CNVs from sequencing 5U24CA220242-05 Christos Patriotis, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Acciavatti, Raymond Joseph

University Of Pennsylvania
United States

Next-Generation Tomosynthesis Pilot Study 5R37CA273959-02
Adams-Campbell, Lucile Lauren

Georgetown University
United States

National Capital Area (NCA) Minority/Underserved NCORP 5UG1CA239758-05
Agarwal, Rajesh

University Of Colorado Denver
United States

Skin Cancer Chemoprevention by Silibinin: Mechanisms and Efficacy 3R01CA140368-10S1 PA-20-227 (Admin Supp-Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Amit Kumar, Ph.D.
Agsalda-Garcia, Melissa Anne

University Of Hawaii At Manoa
United States

Raman-enhanced spectroscopy (RESpect) for anal dysplasia in HIV-positive patients 1R21CA244078-01 PAR-18-020 (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) Guillermo Marquez, Ph.D.
Ah, Diane Marie Von

Ohio State University
United States

Cognitive Training for Cancer-related Cognitive Impairment: A Multi-Center Randomized Controlled Trial 1R01CA276222-01 PAR-21-035 (R01 Clinical Trial Required)
Ahn, Jiyoung

New York University School Of Medicine
United States

The Oral Mycobiome and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer 5U01CA250186-03 PAR-18-913 (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
Alambeigi, Farshid

University Of Texas At Austin
United States

A Novel Framework for Sensitive and Reliable Early Diagnosis, Topographic Mapping, and Stiffness Classification of Colorectal Cancer Polyps 1R21CA280747-01A1 Matthew Young, Ph.D.