Funded Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization Title Project Number Fiscal Year Major Program/Research Group
Abbott, Karen L. University Of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Novel Platform linking cancer-specific glycosylation with cell signaling outcomes 7R21CA229044-02 2019 Cancer Biomarkers, Innovative Technology Development for Cancer Research
Abbott, Karen L. University Of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Glycomics Laboratory for the Development of Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers 7U01CA226055-03 2019 Cancer Biomarkers, Alliance of Glycobiologists for Cancer Research
Abrams, Julian Columbia University Health Sciences The Oral Microbiome for the Detection of Barretts Esophagus 1R01CA238433-01A1 2019 Cancer Biomarkers
Abyzov, Alexej Mayo Clinic Rochester Detection of somatic, subclonal and mosaic CNVs from sequencing 5U24CA220242-02 2019 Cancer Biomarkers
Adams-Campbell, Lucile Lauren Georgetown University National Capital Area (NCA) Minority/Underserved NCORP 1UG1CA239758-01 2019 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, NCI Community Oncology Research Program, NCORP Minority Underserved
Agarwal, Rajesh University Of Colorado Denver Skin Cancer Chemoprevention by Silibinin: Mechanisms and Efficacy 5R01CA140368-08 2019 Nutritional Science
Agarwal, Rajesh University Of Colorado Denver Molecular mechanism of bitter melon juice efficacy against pancreatic cancer. 5R01CA195708-05 2018 Nutritional Science
Agarwal, Ashutosh University Of Miami School Of Medicine A comprehensive liquid biopsy platform for detection and prognostication in early stage breast cancer 5U01CA233363-02 2019 Cancer Biomarkers, Liquid Biopsy Consortium
Ai, Huiwang University Of Virginia BapaFPs: Genetically encoded fluorescent indicators to image live-cell nucleotide sugars 5U01CA230817-02 2019 Cancer Biomarkers
Albertson, Donna G New York University Artemin overexpression in oral cancer pain and carcinogenesis 1R01CA228525-01A1 2019 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Oral Complications
Allen, Peter J Duke University Biomarker validation for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of the pancreas 7R01CA182076-05 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Allen, Peter J Duke University Preventing an Incurable Disease: The Prevention of Progression to Pancreatic Cancer Trial (The 3P-C Trial) 1R01CA235677-01A1 2019 Gastrointestinal and Other Cancers
Altorki, Nasser Khaled Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell Univ Intercepting progression from pre-invasive to invasive lung adenocarcinoma 1UG3CA244697-01 2019 Chemopreventive Agent Development
Amos, Christopher I Baylor College Of Medicine Coordinating Center: Molecular and Cellular Findings of Screen-Detected Lesions 5U01CA196386-06 2019 Cancer Biomarkers, Molecular and Cellular Characterization
Amster, I Jonathan University Of Georgia An Automated Platform for the CE-MS Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans 5U01CA231074-02 2019 Cancer Biomarkers