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Questions and answers about the Cancer Screening Research Network (CSRN) are grouped into 6 categories and are available on individual pages:

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Multi-Cancer Detection Notices

  • NOT-CA-23-055: NCI Virtual Workshop to Engage Multi-Cancer Detection (MCD) Assay Developers
  • NOT-CA-22-033: Seeking Input from Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test Developers on Readiness for Participation in an NCI-Sponsored Clinical Utility Randomized Controlled Screening Trial

CSRN Requests for Applications (RFAs)

  • RFA-CA-23-020: Cancer Screening Research Network: ACCrual, Enrollment, and Screening Sites (ACCESS) Hub
  • RFA-CA-23-021: Cancer Screening Research Network: Statistics and Data Management Center
  • RFA-CA-23-022: Cancer Screening Research Network: Coordinating and Communication Center

Multi-Cancer Detection (MCD) Research

This webpage is a gateway to DCP efforts surrounding study of MCD assays for cancer screening.

Last updated: 02/21/2023