PI Name Sort descending PI Organization Title Grant Number Initiative Program Director
Kalluri, Raghu

University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
United States

Rigorous and reproducible mutational analysis of the urinary exosomal DNA 5R01CA231465-04 PAR-16-276 (R01) Matthew Young, Ph.D.
Kanwal, Fasiha

Baylor College Of Medicine
United States

Risk Stratification for and Early Detection of Liver Cancer 5U01CA230997-05 Jo Ann Rinaudo, Ph.D.
Khush, Kiran Kaur

Stanford University
United States

A Noninvasive Integrated Genomic Approach for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Stratification after Transplantation 5R01CA229766-05
Kingham, T Peter

Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research
United States

Point of care, real-time urine metabolomics test to diagnose colorectal cancers and polyps in low- and middle-income countries 5UH3CA257869-05 Matthew Young, Ph.D.
Kisiel, John

Mayo Clinic Rochester
United States

Multi-site Gastrointestinal Cancer Detection by Stool DNA Methylation 5R37CA214679-05 Matthew Young, Ph.D.
Kohler, Jennifer J

Ut Southwestern Medical Center
United States

New tools for studying GlcNAc biology 5U01CA242115-03 Guillermo Marquez, Ph.D.
Kuhs, Krystle A.

University Of Kentucky
United States

Circulating HPV DNA as a Prediagnostic Marker of Oropharyngeal Cancer 1R21CA267152-01A1 Wendy Wang, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Lee, Juhun

University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
United States

Detecting Mammographically-Occult Cancer in Women with Dense Breasts Using Digital Breast Tomosynthesis 1R01CA269540-01A1 PA-20-185 (Parent R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Sharmistha Ghosh-Janjigian, Ph.D.
Lee, Hakho

Massachusetts General Hospital
United States

Early Detection through Novel OCEAN Technology - Ovarian Cancer Exosomal Analysis with Nanoplasmonics 5U01CA233360-05 Lynn Sorbara, Ph.D.
Lenburg, Marc Elliott

Boston University Medical Campus
United States

Molecular and Imaging Biomarkers for Early Lung Cancer Detection in the Setting of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules 5R01CA210360-06 Richard Mazurchuk, Ph.D.