Active Cancer Biomarkers Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Major Program / Research Group FOA
Khush, Kiran Kaur Stanford University A Noninvasive Integrated Genomic Approach for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Stratification after Transplantation PA-18-484: NIH Research Project Grant
Kingham, T Peter Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Point of care, real-time urine metabolomics test to diagnose colorectal cancers and polyps in low- and middle-income countries RFA-CA-15-024: Cancer Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment Technologies for Global Health (UG3/UH3)
Kisiel, John Mayo Clinic Rochester Multi-site Gastrointestinal Cancer Detection by Stool DNA Methylation PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant
Kohler, Jennifer J Ut Southwestern Medical Center New tools for studying GlcNAc biology RFA-RM-18-036: Novel and Innovative Tools to Facilitate Identification, Tracking, Manipulation, and Analysis of Glycans and their Functions
Kuhs, Krystle A. University Of Kentucky Circulating HPV DNA as a Prediagnostic Marker of Oropharyngeal Cancer PA-20-195: NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program
Lee, Hakho Massachusetts General Hospital Early Detection through Novel OCEAN Technology - Ovarian Cancer Exosomal Analysis with Nanoplasmonics Liquid Biopsy Consortium RFA-CA-17-029: Precompetitive Collaboration on Liquid Biopsy for Early Cancer Assessment
Lenburg, Marc Elliott Boston University Medical Campus Molecular and Imaging Biomarkers for Early Lung Cancer Detection in the Setting of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules PAR-13-189: Imaging and Biomarkers for Early Cancer Detection
Levy, Barcey Thurston University Of Iowa Comparative Effectiveness of Fecal Immunochemical Tests with Optical Colonoscopy PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant
Li, Bo Ut Southwestern Medical Center Tracking Peripheral T-Cell Repertoire Changes for Preoperative and Early Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis PA-20-185: NIH Research Project Grant
Li, Debiao Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Predicting Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) Through Artificial Intelligence Analysis of Pre-Diagnostic CT Images PA-20-185: NIH Research Project Grant
Li, Wenyuan University Of California Los Angeles Informatics resources for liquid biopsy research PAR-15-332: Early-Stage Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research and Management
Liang, Han University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr The Cancer Proteome Atlas: an Integrated Bioinformatics Resource for Functional Cancer Proteomic Data RFA-CA-21-015: Advanced Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research and Management
Lin, Daniel W. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Evaluation of commercially available prostate cancer assays to accelerate novel applications in active surveillance PAR-18-310: Assay Validation of High Quality Markers for Clinical Studies in Cancer (UH3 - Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
Lin, Daniel W. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Prostate cancer Active Surveillance Study (PASS) Cohort: Infrastructure Support for Cancer Research PAR-17-233: Core Infrastructure and Methodological Research for Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts
Lin, Jia-Ren Harvard Medical School Advancing technologies for the collection and analysis of high dimensional immunoprofiles and tumor images PAR-21-285: NCI Research Specialist (Laboratory-based Scientist) Award