Active Cancer Biomarkers Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Major Program / Research Group FOA
Counter, Christopher M Duke University PROMINENT-DUKE
Darie, Costel C. Clarkson University Identifying a proteomic signature for breast cancer detection in breast milk and serum PAR-18-714: Academic Research Enhancement Award for Undergraduate-Focused Institutions
Deng, Youping University Of Hawaii At Manoa Circulating lipid and miRNA markers for early detection of breast cancer among women with abnormal mammograms PA-18-484: NIH Research Project Grant
Deng, Youping University Of Hawaii At Manoa Profiling genome-wide circulating ncRNAs for the early detection of lung cancer PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant
Dong, Wen-Ji Washington State University Two-Dimensional Multi-Stage Isotachophoretic Technology for Multiplex Analysis of Cancer Exosomes and Proteins Marker Panel PAR-19-149: Exploratory/Developmental Bioengineering Research Grants (EBRG)
Drake, Richard R. Medical University Of South Carolina Targeted Isolation and Identification of Sialylated Glycoproteins in Cancer Tissues, Cells and Biofluids RFA-CA-21-004: Advanced Development and Validation of Emerging Molecular and Cellular Analysis Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research
Dubinett, Steven M. University Of California Los Angeles Integrated Molecular, Cellular, and Imaging Characterization of NLST detected lung cancer Molecular and Cellular Characterization PA-20-272: Administrative Supplements to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Parent Admin Supp Clinical Trial Optional)
Elenitoba-Johnson, Kojo S. J. University Of Pennsylvania Genomic biomarkers of splenic lymphoma PA-19-056: Research Project Grant
Esserman, Laura J University Of California, San Francisco Elucidating the molecular and contextual basis for IDLE ultralow risk lesions and the tumor immune microenvironment of high risk in situ and invasive breast cancers Molecular and Cellular Characterization RFA-CA-14-010: Molecular and Cellular Characterization of Screen-Detected Lesions
Fan, Rong Yale University Immuno-Serological Assays for Monitoring COVID19 in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies COVID Serology RFA-CA-20-039: Emergency Awards: Research Projects in SARS-CoV-2 Serological Sciences
Faris, Gregory W Numentus Technologies Inc. Decoding Individual Exosomes in Cancer RFA-CA-20-017: Innovative Molecular and Cellular Analysis Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research
Fiol, Guilherme Del University Of Utah Scalable Clinical Decision Support for Individualized Cancer Risk Management PAR-15-331: Advanced Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research and Management
Frazier, A Lindsay Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Assay Validation of a Circulating miRNA Test for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Malignant Germ Cell Tumors PAR-18-317: Assay Validation of High Quality Markers for Clinical Studies in Cancer (UH2/UH3 - Clinical Trials Not Allowed)
Genkinger, Jeanine M. Columbia University Health Sciences Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer Through Epigenetic Factors in the WHI PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Glickson, Jerry D University Of Pennsylvania Metabolic Biomarkers of Response of Mantle Cell Lymphoma to Bruton Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition PA-19-056: Research Project Grant