Biorepository for Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT)

As the largest prostate cancer prevention trial ever undertaken, the Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) has assembled a substantial biorepository of specimens. To help make SELECT resources available to a wider research community, NCI and the Southwest Oncology Group are developing a plan for prostate cancer biology and nutritional science and micronutrient studies.

The trial's biorepository includes toenail clippings, baseline and "year 5" blood samples, linked nutritional data, adherence cohort data, and a vast clinical database from semi-annual visits with each participant. The biorepository also holds prostate biopsies and surgical specimens collected from a subset of the more than 2,100 men who were diagnosed with prostate cancer during the course of the trial. DNA has been extracted from the serum of these prostate cancer patients and from an age- and race-matched cohort of control subjects.


Guertin KA, Kristal AR, Arnold KB, et al. Effect of vitamin E and selenium on F2-isoprostanes, a biomarker of oxidative stress Poster Presentation: North American Congress of Epidemiology 3rd Annual Meeting (June 21-24, 2011, Montreal, Canada).

Approved Projects from SELECT and PCPT Biorepositories

The latest review of proposed projects using the SELECT and PCPT biorepositories was in January 2011, and selected projects, listed below, were announced in April 2011. Reviews of proposals will continue annually for at least 3 more years through 2014.

More information on Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial (SELECT) in NCI's Questions and Answers

Proposal Title PI Name PI Affiliation
External Validation of the PCPT Calculator and the Body Mass Index-adjusted PCPT Calculator Yuanyuan Liang University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio
Plasma Tocopherols and Risk of Prostate Cancer in SELECT Demetrius Albanes National Cancer Institute
Plasma 25(OH)-Vitamin D and Risk of Prostate Cancer in SELECT Demetrius Albanes National Cancer Institute
Methionine Metabolism and Prostate Cancer: Prospective Analyses in SELECT and PCPT Jay Fowke Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Prospective Evaluation of Intraprostatic Inflammation and Focal Atrophy in Men without an Indication for Biopsy in the Etiology of Prostate Cancer Elizabeth Platz John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
A Functional Variant in NKX3.1 as a Predictor for Success in the Antioxidant Chemoprevention of Prostate Cancer Sarki Abdulkadir Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Selenium Supplementation and Risk of Diabetes and Other Cardio-Metabolic Abnormalities Alan Kristal Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center