Active Nutritional Science Grants

PI Namesort ascending Organization - Company Title Major Program / Research Group FOA
Zuo, Xiangsheng University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr ω-3 fatty acid-derived mediators promote resolution of inflammation: Uncovering new strategies for preventing colitis-associated colon cancer PAR-18-021: NCI Small Grants Program for Cancer Research
Yun, Jihye Baylor College Of Medicine Impact of sugary drinks on gut microbiota and development of young-onset colorectal cancer Provocative Questions RFA-CA-20-005: Research Answers to National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Provocative Questions
Yuan, Jian-Min University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh Randomized Clinical Trial of Lung Cancer Chemoprevention with Sulforaphane in Former Smokers PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant
Yamamura, Soichiro Northern California Institute/Res/Edu Genistein and chemotherapy of kidney cancer PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Welsh, Joellen State University Of New York At Albany Vitamin K: Body Pools and Function in Breast Cancer PA-20-185: NIH Research Project Grant
Wallace, Douglas C Children'S Hosp Of Philadelphia Anti-tumor immunity and intestinal microbiota are modulated by mitochondrial DNA PAR-19-198: Modulating Intestinal Microbiota to Enhance Protective Immune Responses against Cancer
Tussing-Humphreys, Lisa University Of Illinois At Chicago Effects of Time-restricted Eating versus Daily Continuous Calorie Restriction on Body Weight and Colorectal Cancer Risk Markers among Adults with Obesity Provocative Questions RFA-CA-20-004: Research Answers to National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Provocative Questions
Tollefsbol, Trygve O University Of Alabama At Birmingham Early life prevention of breast cancer with combined epigenetic botanicals PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Tollefsbol, Trygve O University Of Alabama At Birmingham Combinatorial epigenetic-based prevention of breast cancer PA-19-056: Research Project Grant
Stolley, Melinda R Medical College Of Wisconsin Every Day Counts: A lifestyle program for women metastatic breast cancer PAR-18-893: Physical Activity and Weight Control Interventions Among Cancer Survivors: Effects on Biomarkers of Prognosis and Survival
Stolley, Melinda R Medical College Of Wisconsin Men Moving Forward: A Lifestyle Intervention for African American Prostate Cancer Survivors PA-21-071: Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Not Allowed)
Song, Mingyang Harvard School Of Public Health Marine Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid, Gut Microbiome, and Colorectal Cancer Prevention PA-16-193: NIH Pathway to Independence Award (Parent K99/R00)
Smith-Ryan, Abbie E Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Interval exercise training as a therapy for endometrial cancer PA-18-104: Exploratory/Developmental Clinical Research Grants in Obesity
Singh, Shivendra University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh The Role of FoxQ1 in Breast Cancer Chemoprevention by Allium Constituents - R01CA219180 PA-18-484: NIH Research Project Grant
Shureiqi, Imad University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor 15-LOX-1 regulation of resolving generation to modulate colon cancer PA-18-590: Change of Grantee Organization (Type 7 Parent Clinical Trial Optional)