Active Early Detection Grants

PI Namesort descending Organization - Company Title Project Number Fiscal Year Topic
Backman, Vadim Northwestern University Nanoscale/Molecular analysis of Fecal Colonocytes for Colorectal Cancer Screening 4R01CA165309-05 2016
Barua, Animesh Rush University Medical Center Early detection of ovarian cancer by serum marker and targeted ultrasound imaging 5R01CA210370-02 2017
Bissonnette, Bruce Marc University Of Chicago Development of 5hmC and 5mC biomarkers in cell-free circulating DNA for sensitive colon cancer detection and prognosis 1U01CA217078-01 2017
Chan, Andrew T. Massachusetts General Hospital Molecular Risk Stratification for Colonoscopic Surveillance 5U01CA182367-03 2017
Chiao, Elizabeth Baylor College Of Medicine The Effectiveness of Screening HIV-Infected Women for Anal Cancer Precursors 5R01CA163103-05 2015
Conti, David V University Of Southern California Incorporating intermediate biomarkers of folate with colorectal cancer 5R01CA140561-05 2015
Dai, Qi Vanderbilt University Medical Center Translating gene-calcium interactions to precision medicine for colorectal cancer 5U01CA182364-05 2018
El-Serag, Hashem B Baylor College Of Medicine A New Lab Based Algorithm for HCC Surveillance in Patients with Cirrhosis 3R01CA190776-04S1 2018
El-Zein, Randa A Methodist Hospital Research Institute Integrative molecular and imaging approaches for risk of subtype specific breast 5U01CA189240-03 2017
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center The Early Detection Research Network: Data Management and Coordinating Center 5U24CA086368-18 2018
Feng, Ziding University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr Incorporating Biomarkers to Improve Lung Cancer Risk Prediction 5U01CA194733-03 2018
Iagaru, Andrei Stanford University Molecular Imaging Methods for the Detection of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma 5U01CA210020-02 2018
Ioannou, George Seattle Inst For Biomedical/Clinical Res Does Screening for HCC in Cirrhotic Patients Reduce HCC-related Mortality? 5R01CA196692-03 2017
Lampe, Paul D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Proteomic, Glycomic and Autoantibody Lung Cancer Biomarker Validation 5U01CA185097-03 2016
Lee, Ly James Ohio State University Molecular Beacon Based Extracellular mRNA and Protein Detection for Early Cancer Diagnosis 1R33CA225380-01 2017