Active Supportive Care and Symptom Management Grants

PI Namesort ascending Organization - Company Title FOA
Tighiouart, Mourad Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Advancing Analysis and Interpretation ofAdverse Events and PROs in Cancer Clinical Trials RFA-CA-17-052: Analyzing and Interpreting Clinician and Patient Adverse Event Data to Better Understand Tolerability
Temel, Jennifer Sue Massachusetts General Hospital Randomized Trial of Stepped Palliative Care versus Early Integrated Palliative Care in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant
Taratula, Oleh Oregon State University Novel Nanomedicine-Based Therapeutic Approach For Treatment of Cancer Cachexia PA-18-484: NIH Research Project Grant
Tamrazi, Benita Children'S Hospital Of Los Angeles Brain iron accumulation as an in vivo quantifiable biomarker of neurocognitive dysfunction in pediatric brain tumor survivors PAR-20-292: NCI Clinical and Translational Exploratory/Developmental Studies
Strati, Paolo University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr Targeting Myeloid Cells to Mitigate Immune Effector Cell-Associated Neurotoxicity Syndrome in Large B-cell Lymphoma PAR-19-356: NCI Clinical and Translational Exploratory/Developmental Studies
Stover, Daniel G. Ohio State University Video Intervention to Address Pre-Test Patient Education for Tumor Genomic Testing PAR-19-356: NCI Clinical and Translational Exploratory/Developmental Studies
Steel, Jennifer L. University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh Palliative care intervention for socioeconomically disadvantaged cancer patients PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Spiegel, Brennan Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Randomized Controlled Trial of Virtual Reality for GI Cancer Pain to Improve Patient Reported Outcomes PAR-18-559: Cancer Prevention and Control Clinical Trials Grant Program
Sorror, Mohamed Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Novel Intervention Approaches to Alleviate Allogeneic Transplant-Related Morbidity and Mortality PA-17-018: Palliative Care Needs of Individuals with Advanced Rare Diseases and Their Family Caregivers
Somers, Tamara J Duke University A Mobile Health Behavioral Pain Intervention Protocol for Breast Cancer Patients with Pain in Medically Underserved Communities: A Randomized Controlled Trial PA-18-141: Mechanisms, Models, Measurement, and Management in Pain Research
Sohl, Stephanie Jean Wake Forest University Health Sciences REmotely-delivered Supportive Programs for Improving surgical pain and disTrEss (RESPITE) PAR-21-035: Cancer Prevention and Control Clinical Trials Grant Program
Smith, Ellen Mary Lavoie University Of Alabama At Birmingham Duloxetine to Prevent Oxaliplatin-Induced Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase II to Phase III Study PAR-18-559: Cancer Prevention and Control Clinical Trials Grant Program
Simone, Donald University Of Minnesota Neural Mechanisms of Cancer Pain PA-18-484: NIH Research Project Grant
Shnorhavorian, Margarett Seattle Children'S Hospital Testicular effects of modern chemotherapy regimens in osteosarcoma survivors PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Shen, Chan Pennsylvania State Univ Hershey Med Ctr The effects of hydrocodone rescheduling on pain management of older lung cancer patients RFA-DE-22-011: HEAL Initiative: Secondary Analysis and Integration of Existing Data Related to Acute and Chronic Pain Development or Management in Humans