Steering Committee

Chair: Dr. Margie Clapper, Co-chair: Dr. Alan Hutson

The CAP-IT is governed by a CAP-IT Steering Committee, which is charged with developing, fostering, and coordinating research collaborations across CAP-IT. The Steering Committee consists of CAP-IT Center PIs, CAP-IT DRCC PI, and NCI Project Scientists. The Chair for the Steering Committee will be rotated within the CAP-IT Center PIs every year. The Steering Committee meetings are held quarterly, and the Committee is responsible for oversight of the program including development of programmatic research priorities, strategies, and periodic reviews of CAP-IT program project portfolio. The Steering Committee has ensured that CAP-IT Awardees and participating NCI Project Scientists collaborate in developing consortium by-laws to meet CAP-IT goals. The awardees agree to the Steering Committee’s role and its authority in governing CAP-IT consortium activities consistent with the Cooperative agreement terms and conditions of awards as stated in RFA CA-21-038 (re-issued as RFA-CA-22-055) and RFA CA-21-039. Amendments to the by-laws must be approved by majority of nominated voting members (2 per Center including NCI).

Coordination Center

The CAP-IT Data and Resource Coordination Center (DRCC/U24) functions as the Program’s centralized data management and network activity coordination center led by Drs. Alan Hutson and Song Liu, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. The CAP-IT DRCC strives to enhance the productivity of CAP-IT investigators by fostering a collaborative and synergistic research community, accelerate the progress of CAP- IT research by reducing barriers to accessing analytics expertise, ensure the reproducibility of CAP-IT data by deploying best practices for data acquisition and harmonization, and unleash the full potential of CAP-IT activities by developing enhanced tools to enable resource sharing to the broader scientific community.

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