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Title Intervention Sponsor Status
S1703 Serum Tumor Marker Directed Disease Monitoring in Patients With Hormone Receptor Positive Her2 Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer Usual care disease monitoring, Serum Tumor Marker directed disease monitoring, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Anxiety Questionnaire Administration SWOG Cancer Research Network Recruiting
Understanding the Post-Surgical Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patient's Symptom Experience Light Physical Activity 1, Light Physical Activity 2, Support Education Activity University of Nebraska Recruiting
A Study to Establish a New Onset Hyperglycemia and Diabetes Cohort Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Active, not recruiting
Haloperidol and Lorazepam in Controlling Symptoms of Persistent Agitated Delirium in Patients With Advanced Cancer Undergoing Palliative Care Questionnaire Administration, Haloperidol, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Placebo, Lorazepam M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Recruiting
Nutrition Therapy in Improving Immune System in Patients With Bladder Cancer That Can Be Removed by Surgery Laboratory Biomarker Analysis, Nutritional Intervention, Placebo Administration, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Questionnaire Administration SWOG Cancer Research Network Active, not recruiting
Increasing Patients' Engagement in Breast Cancer Surgery Decision-Making Usual Care, Web-based decision aid Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology Active, not recruiting
Methylphenidate and Exercise in Reducing Cancer-Related Fatigue in Patients With Prostate Cancer Questionnaire Administration, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Stretching, Placebo, Methylphenidate, Exercise Intervention M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Recruiting
Assessment of Current Biomarker Testing Practices for Common Solid Cancers in Precision Oncology in the Community Setting Survey Administration ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group Active, not recruiting
Patient-centered and Efficacious Advance Care Planning in Cancer: the PEACe Comparative Effectiveness Trial Facilitated advance care planning (in-person or telephonic), Web-based advance care planning University of Pittsburgh Active, not recruiting
Molecular Detection of Advanced Neoplasia in Pancreatic Cysts Pancreatic Surgery, Blood, stool, pancreatic juice and cyst fluid collection, Endoscopy Exam Mayo Clinic Recruiting