Mark Steven Miller, Ph.D.

Deputy Chief Program Director | Chemopreventive Agent Development

Phone: 240-276-5004
Fax: 240-276-7847
Room: 5E542

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Mark Steven Miller, Ph.D., holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and is a Program Director and Contractor Officer’s Representative. Dr. Miller joined the DCP following a 25-year career in academia; in his last position he was a tenured professor of Cancer Biology at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. Dr. Miller’s research focused on the pathogenesis of pulmonary cancers, transplacental carcinogenesis, the molecular mechanisms of cancer and chemoprevention processes, gene/environmental interactions in determining individual susceptibility to lung and breast cancer, and the effects of chemical and physical carcinogens on the regulation of gene expression. Dr. Miller’s responsibilities include the planning, implementation, and conducting toxicological and pharmacological evaluation of new and ongoing initiatives pertaining to the development of chemo/immunopreventive agents; providing professional research support in managing both grant and contract portfolios; performing work conducting and consulting on programs and studies pertaining to applied drug development; and participation in technical aspects of scientific programs which include consulting on scientific and technical issues as well as conducting studies, surveys, or investigations. Dr. Miller serves as reviewer for several journals, including Cancer Prevention Research.

During his academic career, he has served as reviewer for NIH, EPA, and DOD study sections; the National Toxicology Program; Department of Health for Pennsylvania as well as private foundations; and chaired a panel for IRIS Assessment of Nitrobenzene for the EPA. He has served as an officer in the Society of Toxicology and the Genetic and Environmental Mutagenesis Society. Dr. Miller has published over 95 articles in peer-reviewed journals.