Initial Testing of a Mobile App Pain Coping Intervention for Outpatient Oncology Settings (PainPac)

Duke University
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For more information, see NCT05686122
PainPac is innovative in its potential to integrate with healthcare systems through electronic medical records (EMRs). PainPac leverages technology to increase patient access to interventions and uses real-time assessment to improve care. PainPac is positioned to rapidly provide improved care through combining biological data (e.g., EMRs, patient collected) with behavioral data to dramatically improve outcomes. PainPac could track beneficial outcomes related to clinical pain scores (e.g., patients with scores 4-8 benefit) and intervention implementation could be based on this; a more advanced possibility is use of geospatial tracking to predict space/time where pain is likely to impact functioning and push an intervention strategy - behavioral or pharmacological. PainPac is designed for future transmission of data to EMRs to inform providers of patient status. This work will provide data to bypass traditional efficacy trials and move quickly to a large effectiveness trial.
Colorectal Cancer
Sarah A Kelleher, PhD

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