PROSTVAC (PSA-TRICOM) in Preventing Disease Progression in Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer Undergoing Active Surveillance

Major Program
Phase 0 I II Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Program
Research Group
Prostate and Urologic Cancer
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Completed ID
For more information, see NCT02326805
This randomized phase II trial studies how well PROSTVAC (prostate-specific antigen [PSA]-TRICOM) works in preventing disease progression in patients with prostate cancer undergoing active surveillance. Vaccines made from a person's tumor cells may help the body build an effective immune response to kill tumor cells that express PSA.
Laboratory Biomarker Analysis, Rilimogene Galvacirepvec, Placebo Administration
Stage I Prostate Adenocarcinoma AJCC v7, Stage II Prostate Adenocarcinoma AJCC v7
John K Parsons

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