CP-CTNet Newsletter - September 2022

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Featured Article: CP-CTNet Cross Network Study: Lynch Syndrome.  Inherited susceptibility to cancer involves defects in genes that normally function to suppress the formation of tumors. One such syndrome was recognized by Henry Lynch several decades ago based on clinical criteria, but is now known to be caused by inherited defects in genes that repair DNA damage, leading to the development of a variety of malignancies with onset early in life. People with Lynch Syndrome (LS) have a markedly increased incidence of cancers of the colorectum, uterus, and several other organs. These patients undergo invasive screening procedures such as colonoscopy, as well as risk-reducing surgery (colectomy, hysterectomy, oophorectomy) with their attendant morbidity and quality of life impact. When cancers do occur in carriers of LS, they are frequently biologically aggressive. Therefore, novel methods of cancer interception are needed.