Transdermal or Oral Telapristone Acetate in Treating Patients Undergoing Mastectomy

This randomized trial studies transdermal or oral telapristone acetate in treating patients
undergoing surgery to remove the breast (mastectomy). Telapristone acetate may help prevent
breast cancer from forming in premenopausal women. Giving telapristone acetate transdermally
may be safer and have fewer side effects than oral administration.


Telapristone Acetate, Placebo, Laboratory Biomarker Analysis, Questionnaire Administration


BRCA1 Mutation Carrier, BRCA2 Mutation Carrier, Ductal Breast Carcinoma In Situ, Lobular Breast Carcinoma In Situ, Stage 0 Breast Cancer, Stage IA Breast Cancer, Stage IB Breast Cancer, Stage IIA Breast Cancer, Stage IIB Breast Cancer


Seema Khan

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