Extended Follow-Up

NCI supports the continued follow-up of PLCO participants to strengthen the PLCO as a valuable resource for epidemiologic research, as well as to provide long-term data on the trial’s primary endpoints.

To achieve this, we are:

  1. Carrying out periodic linkages with state cancer registries and the National Death Index (NDI);
  2. Carrying out periodic linkages with Medicare claims data, including data on procedures and prescription drugs; and
  3. Potentially collecting additional biospecimens on participants and additional questionnaire data.

This extension of the PLCO will substantially increase the number of incident cancers accrued within the cohort, strengthen the trial’s ability to clarify the long-term effects of screening on cancer mortality, and provide an opportunity to collect additional exposure data and specimens.

Given the rich collection of biological specimens collected across multiple time points, extensive questionnaire data, and comprehensive data on cancer diagnosis and characteristics, the transition of the PLCO trial into an epidemiologic cohort will enable the PLCO to remain a unique and valuable resource for future epidemiologic research.