Etiology and Early Marker Studies (EEMS)

The Etiology and Early Marker Studies (EEMS) is a component of the PLCO Trial. By collecting biologic materials and risk factor information from trial participants before the diagnosis of disease, PLCO EEMS adds substantial value to the trial, providing a resource for cancer research, focused, in particular, on cancer etiology and early markers.

Etiologic studies investigate the environmental, biochemical and genetic risk factors for cancer. Early detection studies aim to develop reproducible, diagnostics-ready biomarkers of early disease.

Data and biospecimens currently available for research in EEMS include:

PLCO data and biospecimens are available to all qualified researchers through a peer-review process. The EEMS program accepts proposals for access to PLCO biospecimens twice a year in June and December. Details of the review process and application materials are available on