About PREVENT Cancer Preclinical Drug Development Program

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NCI supports the best ideas in preclinical #cancer prevention agent development using contract resources

PREVENT supports the best ideas in cancer prevention using NCI contract resources

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PREVENT is a peer-reviewed program designed to support development of the best ideas in cancer prevention using NCI contract resources. The program is a pipeline that focuses on unmet needs in prevention that are not adequately addressed by the private sector. Read more about Concept Application Peer-Review Process.

PREVENT will allocate NCI contract resources and expertise to generate data and materials, which are used by applicants of successfully approved concepts to further advance their novel cancer preventive agents (singly or in combination) or biomarkers toward IND filing and proof-of-principle clinical testing. Read more about Technology Transfer Considerations for the PREVENT Studies.

PREVENT has flexible entry points. Agents and biomarkers at any point in development from discovery to clinical trial will be considered for support. PREVENT is NOT a grant program. Instead, PREVENT utilizes NCI-funded contractors to carry out the necessary next steps of research for applicants. All results or products are returned to applicants and used to support further development by the applicants or in partnership with DCP.

The pipeline from discovery to clinical trial:

The PREVENT pipeline: from Discovery, to Proof of Concept, Secondary Testing, Advanced Preclinical Development, to Clinical Trials.