'SHIP Trial'

"Self-sampling for HPV testing to Improve Cervical Cancer Prevention" Trial ('SHIP’ Trial)

NCI Cervical Cancer ‘Last Mile’ Initiative (LMI)

Self-sampling for HPV testing to Improve Cervical Cancer Prevention” Trial (‘SHIP Trial’)

Usability and Acceptability Testing of Devices

  • Assessment of usability and acceptability of self-sampling devices by individuals representing the intended-use population

Evaluation of Self-Sampling Devices and HPV Test Accuracy

  • Cross sectional study to evaluate accuracy of HPV testing by self-sampling devices collected in a simulated home environment

Evaluation of Implementation in Underserved and High-Burden Populations

  • Mixed-methods approaches to evaluate utility of clinic-based and population-based strategies for implementing self-sampling

Features of ‘SHIP’ Trial: Independent, non-competitive, parallel evaluations of multiple self-sampling device-assay combinations.