Portrait of Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe, M.B.B.S., M.P.H., DrPH

Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe, MBBS, MPH, DrPH

Program Director Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Research Group
Email: sahasrabuddhevv@mail.nih.gov Phone: 240-276-7332 Fax: 240-276-7828 Room: 5E338

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Dr. Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe is Program Director in the Division of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute overseeing prevention clinical research on cervical cancer and other human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers. Dr. Sahasrabuddhe provides scientific direction and strategic guidance for efforts on optimization of clinic-based and population-based precision prevention strategies for HPV-related cancers and building the evidence base for their implementation in the United States and globally. His scientific and programmatic portfolio of grants, cooperative agreements, and contract-funded studies includes: (1) studies focused on optimizing dosing and delivery of currently licensed prophylactic HPV vaccines, and early phase trials of next generation vaccines; (2) studies evaluating novel strategies for cervical and anogenital cancer screening and triage, treatment of precancers via novel immunotherapeutic approaches, and prevention of post-treatment recurrences; (3) studies focused on prevention strategies for HPV-related cancers in immunosuppressed individuals including adults and children with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and solid organ transplant recipients; and (4) collaborations to expand access to cancer prevention services globally via improved application of available scientific evidence.

Dr. Sahasrabuddhe oversees two major programs (1) the NCI Cervical Cancer ‘Last Mile’ Initiative, a public private partnership between several stakeholders to validate self-sampling as a comparable (non-inferior) alternative to provider-collected sampling for HPV testing in cervical cancer screening, and (2) the US-Latin American-Caribbean HIV/HPV-Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (ULACNet) which develops evidence to improve and optimize approaches for prevention of HPV-related cancers in people living with HIV.  He also serves as NCI DCP project scientist on the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet) and on the Cancer Moonshot-funded Accelerated Cervical Cancer Control Initiative.

Dr. Sahasrabuddhe received his medical degree from the University of Pune in India, and his master's and doctorate degrees in public health from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He completed fellowship training in epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins University and at the NCI. Dr. Sahasrabuddhe previously served on the faculty at Vanderbilt University, most recently as Research Associate Professor of Medicine. He has published widely across a broad spectrum of clinical, epidemiologic, and implementation research areas on infection-associated cancers with high or rising incidence and mortality burden.