DCP Announces Inaugural Cohort of DCP Early Career Scientist Spotlight Research Seminar Series

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NCI Division of Cancer Prevention Early Career Scientist Spotlight Research Seminar Series

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP) is pleased to announce the inaugural cohort of the DCP Early Career Scientist Spotlight Research Seminar Series. The new series of public seminars will highlight nominated early career scientists who are advancing research within the areas supported by DCP.

These research areas include:

  • Cancer Early Detection Biomarker Development and Screening
  • Intervention Development for Cancer Prevention
  • Precision Cancer Prevention
  • Symptom Science and Management

The first cohort of DCP Early Career Scientists includes:

Fahriye Duzagac, Ph.D.

Fahriye Duzagac, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow, Cancer Prevention Research Training Program, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Venkateshwar Madka, Ph.D

Venkateshwar Madka, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Preclinical Bioassay Director, Center for Cancer Prevention and Drug Development, Stephenson Cancer Center at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Chemtai Mungo, M.D., M.P.H.

Chemtai Mungo, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jonathan Villena-Vargas, M.D.

Jonathan Villena-Vargas, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Cardiothoracic Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine

Neeha Zaidi, M.D.

Neeha Zaidi, M.D., Assistant Professor of Oncology, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University

Fan Zhang, Ph.D.

Fan Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Florida

The seminar series, which will begin in 2024, is the first round of talks in an ongoing program. Beyond their talks, the invited speakers, all DCP Early Career Scientists, will have the opportunity to interact with DCP and the broader NCI staff involved in cancer prevention research. While the overall goal of the series is to increase visibility and provide recognition to the DCP Early Career Scientists, these research seminars, alongside interactions with the cancer prevention research community at NCI, will also promote the acceleration of progress and innovation in cancer prevention.

More information on the speakers, topics, and series schedule will be available soon. Please email NCIDCPworkforce@mail.nih.gov if you have any questions about the series, especially if you would like to contact a speaker after their research talk, you want to be considered for a meeting with a speaker on the day of their talk, or if you are having trouble finding when and how to attend a seminar.