Cancer Prevention by Spinach: Multi-omics to Mechanisms

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Virtual via Zoom
Rod Dashwood, Ph.D.
DCP Chemoprevention Agent Development Research Group
DCP Nutritional Science Research Group

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Rod Dashwood, Ph.D.
Professor and Center Director
Center for Epigenetics and Disease Prevention
Texas A&M College of Medicine
Bryan, TX

After completing his doctorate degree in the U.K., Dr. Dashwood joined Oregon State University in 1986 as a postdoctoral research associate, focused on the molecular mechanisms of dietary anticancer agents. Academic positions at the University of Hawaii were followed by one-year sabbaticals at the National Cancer Center in Tokyo, Japan. He returned to Oregon State University in 1997, and was appointed Helen P. Rumbel Professor for Cancer Prevention at the Linus Pauling Institute. In 2013, he relocated to the Texas Medical Center in Houston, as Director of the Center for Epigenetics & Disease Prevention at Texas A&M Health. As John S. Dun Chair in Disease Prevention, Dr. Dashwood was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (London) in 2017, and he currently serves as Chair of the NIH Cancer Prevention Study Section (CPSS).