Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Titlesort descending Project Number Major Program / Research Group Funding Opportunity Announcement
Khush, Kiran Kaur Stanford University A Noninvasive Integrated Genomic Approach for Early Cancer Detection and Risk Stratification after Transplantation 5R01CA229766-02 Cancer Biomarkers PA-18-484
Zaia, Joseph Boston University Medical Campus An open-source software suite for processing glycomics and glycoproteomics mass spectral data 5U01CA221234-03 Cancer Biomarkers RFA-RM-16-022
Kwon, Kenneth Augusta University A novel approach to detect exosome-localized proteins and its application in breast cancer detection 5R21CA229370-02 Cancer Biomarkers, Program to Assess the Rigor and Reproducibility of Exosome-Derived Analytes for Cancer Detection PAR-16-277
Chang, Eric C Baylor College Of Medicine A novel N-Ras pathway driving DCIS to basal-like breast cancer 5R21CA226567-02 Chemopreventive Agent Development PAR-16-176
Eckert, Richard L. University Of Maryland Baltimore A novel sulforaphane cancer preventionmechanism 5R01CA211909-03 Nutritional Science PA-16-160
Singh, Shivendra University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh Anticarcinogenic Effect of ITCs Against Prostate Cancer 5R01CA101753-15 Nutritional Science PA-13-302
Shi, Tujin Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories An ultrasensitive targeted mass spectrometry system for proteomics analysis of single cells 5R21CA223715-03 Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-17-010
Remick, Scot C Mainehealth A Period Seroprevalence (SARS-CoV-2) Survey in MHCCN Cancer Healthcare Workers (HCWs) Providing Patient Care during the Height of the Outbreak: A Registry Study 3UG1CA239771-02S1 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, NCI Community Oncology Research Program, NCORP Community Sites PA-18-591
Ganz, Patricia A. University Of California Los Angeles A Phase III Randomized Trial Targeting Behavioral Symptoms in Younger Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA200977-05 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Pediatrics/Adolescents/Young Adult PA-13-302
Gumireddy, Kiranmai Wistar Institute Applying Molecular and Functional Genomics to Identify Biomarkers for Diagnosing and Treating Cancer 5R50CA243690-02 Cancer Biomarkers PAR-18-888
Westhoff, Carolyn L Columbia University Health Sciences A Prospective, Randomized Study to Compare Effects of Ulipristal Acetate with a Combined Oral Contraceptive on Breast Epithelial Cell Proliferation. 5R01CA200795-04 Breast and Gynecologic Cancer PA-13-302
Castle, Philip E Albert Einstein College Of Medicine A Randomized Clinical Trial to Assess the Effectiveness of Ablative Treatments for Cervical-Cancer Risk Reduction in HIV+ Women living in Mozambique 1R01CA239921-01A1 Breast and Gynecologic Cancer PAR-18-559
Hui, David University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr A Randomized Controlled Trial of Dexamethasone for Dyspnea in Cancer Patients 5R01CA214960-04 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Other Supportive Care Issues PA-16-160
Sanft, Tara B Yale University A randomized trial of lifestyle guidelines on breast cancer biomarkers and treatment adherence 5R01CA207753-04 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Other Supportive Care Issues, Physical Functioning PAR-16-122
Roy, Hemant K. Boston Medical Center Area B: Minimally Intrusive Colorectal Cancer Risk Stratification with Nanocytology: Targeting Underscreened Populations 1R33CA225323-01 Early Detection RFA-CA-17-023