Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Title Project Numbersort descending Major Program / Research Group Funding Opportunity Announcement
Spector, Logan G. University Of Minnesota Determining the cell of origin in Ewing sarcoma through genomic analysis 1R21CA237789-01A1 Cancer Biomarkers PAR-18-020
Krause, Diane S Yale University "Exploration of Human Parathyroid Cellular Organization and Function" 1R21CA240660-01A1 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Other Supportive Care Issues PAR-19-356
Zhu, Yazhen University Of California Los Angeles Biomimetic NanoVilli Chips for Extracellular Vesicles in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 1R21CA240887-01A1 Cancer Biomarkers, Program to Assess the Rigor and Reproducibility of Exosome-Derived Analytes for Cancer Detection PAR-16-277
Agsalda-Garcia, Melissa Anne University Of Hawaii At Manoa Raman-enhanced spectroscopy (RESpect) for anal dysplasia in HIV-positive patients 1R21CA244078-01 Early Detection PAR-18-020
Storz, Peter Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Smoking carcinogen-induced initiation of pancreatic cancer 1R21CA244167-01A1 Cancer Biomarkers PAR-19-356
Lampe, Johanna W Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Diet and the colonic exfoliome: a novel, non-invasive approach to testing interventions in humans 1R21CA245456-01 Nutritional Science PAR-18-020
Oskeritzian, Carole A University Of South Carolina At Columbia Development of a noninvasive, rapid and affordable method for early detection of colorectal cancer 1R21CA245651-01A1 Cancer Biomarkers PAR-19-356
Romero-Sandoval, E. Alfonso Wake Forest University Health Sciences IRE1a-XBP1 Signaling as a Driver of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 1R21CA248106-01 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Neuropathy, Other Supportive Care Issues PA-16-258
Tennis, Meredith A University Of Colorado Denver Engineering ex vivo models of lung cancer and chemoprevention 1R21CA252172-01 Chemopreventive Agent Development PAR-19-149
Weinberg, Aaron Case Western Reserve University Microfluidic intact cell platform: A novel tool for oral cancer detection 1R21CA253108-01 Cancer Biomarkers PAR-19-150
Beane, Jennifer Ellen Boston University Medical Campus PRISTINE: Pre-cancer histology identification of Endobronchial biopsies using deep learning 1R21CA253498-01 Early Detection RFA-CA-19-038
Roy, Hemant K. Boston Medical Center Area B: Minimally Intrusive Colorectal Cancer Risk Stratification with Nanocytology: Targeting Underscreened Populations 1R33CA225323-01 Early Detection RFA-CA-17-023
Lee, Ly James Ohio State University Molecular Beacon Based Extracellular mRNA and Protein Detection for Early Cancer Diagnosis 1R33CA225380-01 Early Detection RFA-CA-17-023
Wei, Chia-Lin Jackson Laboratory Advancing Ultra Long-read Sequencing and Chromatin Interaction Analyses for Chromosomal and Extrachromosomal Structural Variation Characterization in Cancer 1R33CA236681-01A1 Cancer Biomarkers RFA-CA-19-020
Hall, Adam Roger Wake Forest University Health Sciences Detecting diverse nucleic acid biomarkers of cancer with solid-state nanopores 1R33CA246448-01A1 Early Detection RFA-CA-19-020