Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Title Project Number Fiscal Yearsort descending Major Program/Research Group
Bettegowda, Chetan Johns Hopkins University Interrogating malignant gliomas using released tumor DNA in cerebrospinal fluid 1R01CA230400-01 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Sant, Shilpa University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh Three-dimensional organoid models to study breast cancer progression 1R01CA232209-01 2018 Early Detection
Ramachandran, Ramesh Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Metformin Supplementation for Ovarian Cancer Prevention: A Prospective Preclinical Study 5R03CA208573-02 2018 Chemopreventive Agent Development
Levenson, Anait S Long Island University Brooklyn Campus MTA1- targeted strategies for prostate cancer management 1R15CA216070-01A1 2018 Prostate and Urologic Cancer
Huang, Ying Western University Of Health Sciences Topical delivery of non-β-blocking R-carvedilol for prevention of UV-induced skin cancer 1R15CA227946-01 2018 Prostate and Urologic Cancer
Vilar-Sanchez, Eduardo University Of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr Uncovering Gene Expression Differences between Benign and Premalignant Colorectal Polyps 5R21CA208461-02 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Murph, Mandi M University Of Georgia (6) Molecular mechanisms explaining premalignant changes in the etiology of melanoma 5R21CA208736-02 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Mctiernan, Anne M. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Exercise Effects in Men & Women on Colon DNA Methylation 5R21CA209203-02 2018 Nutritional Science
Toriola, Adetunji T. Washington University RANK PATHWAY AND MAMMOGRAPHIC DENSITY IN MID-LIFE WOMEN 5R21CA216515-02 2018 Breast and Gynecologic Cancer
Conklin, Heather M St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital Memantine for Prevention of Cognitive Late Effects in Pediatric Patients Receiving Cranial Radiation Therapy for Low Grade Glioma 5R21CA218625-02 2018 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, Supportive Care and Symptom Management, Cognitive Dysfunction
Balagurunathan, Kuberan University Of Utah Manipulating Glycosaminoglycans Using Synthetic Xylosides to Regulate Angiogenesis 1R56CA231093-01 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Wan, Yu-Jui Yvonne University Of California At Davis The Role of Probiotic Bifidobacteria and Bile Acid Metabolism in Carcinogenesis 5U01CA179582-05 2018 Nutritional Science
Brennan, Paul Joseph International Agency For Res On Cancer Biomarkers of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and risk of two increasing cancers 5U01CA195603-04 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Woods, Robert J University Of Georgia Tools to enable non-specialists to model glycoconjugates and glycan-protein interactions 5U01CA207824-03 2018 Cancer Biomarkers
Keech, John A Tacoma General Hospital Northwest NCI Community Oncology Research Program 5UG1CA189952-05 2018 Community Oncology and Prevention Trials, NCI Community Oncology Research Program, NCORP Community Sites