Program Director

Principal Investigator

Leo L
Awardee Organization

Massachusetts General Hospital
United States

Fiscal Year
Activity Code
Early Stage Investigator Grants (ESI)
Not Eligible
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Novel metabolomic contrast probes for human lung cancer characterization

Novel metabolomic contrast probes for human lung cancer characterization We identified preliminary proof-of-concept metabolomic markers for human LuCa from paired tissue and blood serum samples from pre-symptomatic LuCA patients. The markers can be used as imaging probes for Luca characterization. To validate the efficacy of the markers for classifying LuCa, we propose to evaluate and enhance their capability as probes for LuCa detection and ultimately advance LuCa early-detection using serum metabolomic markers. The project’s goal will be achieved through tasks in the following three specific aims: 1) To evaluate the efficacy of tissue-serum LuCa MRS metabolomic probes identified in a successful preliminary project, by comparison with an additional 200 pairs of tissue and serum specimens and 200 serum samples from matched healthy controls, 2) To measure tissue-serum LuCa MRS metabolomic probes with mass spectrometry (MS) and MS imaging (MSI) to associate the probes with LuCa pathologies and identify serum MS LuCa probes, and 3) To test LuCa metabolomics probes using 200 serum samples collected before LuCa detection and evaluate LuCa metabolomic probe health- and cost-effectiveness as compared to existing advanced tests. The project’s goal is to identify a novel serum contrast probe able to contribute to LuCa early disease detection at asymptomatic stages to overcome persistent challenges currently faced in the LuCa clinic.