A Study About How Blood Cell Growth Patterns Relate to Heart Health After Treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma

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Supportive Care and Symptom Management
NCI Community Oncology Research Program
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Community Oncology and Prevention Trials
Children's Oncology Group
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For more information, see ClinicalTrials.gov NCT05705531
This study assesses how blood cell growth patterns (clonal hematopoiesis), relates to heart health or cardiovascular disease (CVD) after treatment in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma. In some patients, cancer treatment at a young age may lead to later complications, including problems with heart health. Checking for blood cell growth patterns called therapy-related clonal hematopoiesis (t-CH) can help predict who might be at risk for heart health problems after Hodgkin lymphoma treatment. If doctors know who may be at greater risk for developing later heart complications, then they can more closely monitor those patients to prevent or detect heart complications early.
Biospecimen Collection, Electronic Health Record Review, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Survey Administration
Cardiovascular Disorder, Clonal Hematopoiesis, Hodgkin Lymphoma
Robert J Hayashi, Don E. Eslin, Site Public Contact, Katharine R. Lange, Donald T. Beam, Timothy C. Griffin, Mark A. Ranalli, Jean M. Tersak, Jill P. Ginsberg, Susan J. Lindemulder, Kara M. Kelly

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