Oral Iloprost for the Prevention of Lung Cancer In Former Smokers

National Cancer Institute (NCI)
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For more information, see ClinicalTrials.gov NCT05411107
This phase II trial tests whether oral iloprost works in preventing lung cancer (chemoprevention) in former smokers. Oral iloprost has previously been shown to reduce abnormal lung cells in former smokers, suggesting a clinically significant impact on lung cancer risk. The use of oral iloprost may help keep cancer from forming and reduce abnormal cells in the lung in order to lower the risk of developing lung cancer in former smokers.
Biospecimen Collection, Bronchial Brush Biopsy, Bronchoscopy, Iloprost, Placebo Administration, Questionnaire Administration
Bronchial Epithelial Dysplasia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Lung Carcinoma, Stage I Lung Cancer AJCC v8, Stage II Lung Cancer AJCC v8, Tobacco-Related Carcinoma
York E Miller

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