Evaluation of Immunologic Response Following COVID-19 Vaccination in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults With Cancer

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NCI Community Oncology Research Program
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Community Oncology and Prevention Trials
Children's Oncology Group
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For more information, see ClinicalTrials.gov NCT05228275
This study evaluates immunologic response following COVID-19 vaccination in children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer. Vaccines work by stimulating the body's immune cells to respond against a specific disease. The immune response produces protection from that disease. Effects from cancer and from treatments for cancer can reduce the body's natural disease fighting ability (called immunity). Factors such as vaccine type, timing of vaccine dosing related to treatment for cancer and number of vaccine doses or "boosts" (extra vaccine shots) may strengthen or diminish the body's protective immune response. This study may help researchers learn more about how the body's immune system responds to the COVID-19 vaccine when the vaccination is given during or after cancer treatment.
Biospecimen Collection, Survey Administration
COVID-19 Infection, Hematopoietic and Lymphatic System Neoplasm, Malignant Solid Neoplasm
Emad K Salman, Emad K. Salman, William D. Roberts, Scott M. Bradfield, William B. Slayton, Iftikhar Hanif, Erlyn C. Smith, Don E. Eslin, Wade T. Kyono, Aaron R. Weiss, Kathleen J. Yost, Laura K. Gowans, Lauren R. Weintraub, Mukund G. Dole, Gregory E. Halligan, Kayelyn J. Wagner, Susan E. Spiller, Jennifer A. Domm, Shannon M. Cohn, Anne-Marie R. Langevin, Judy L. Felgenhauer, Melissa A. Forouhar, Catherine A. Long, Jason M. Fixler, Robin D. Hanson, Alan K. Ikeda, Alissa Kahn, Rabi Hanna, Ziad A. Khatib, Jean M. Tersak, Jeffrey S. Dome, Adam J. Esbenshade, Ana C. Xavier, Prerna Kumar, Rene Y. McNall-Knapp, Nkechi I. Mba, Betty L. Herrington, Site Public Contact, Andrew J. Galligan, Stacie L. Stapleton, William S. Ferguson, Jennifer J. Welch, Caitlin W. Elgarten, Jose M. Esquilin, Jennifer G. Michlitsch, Jon M. Brandt, Alice Lee, Brian C. Belyea, Jill C. Beck, Joshua W. Goldman, Dipti S. Dighe

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