Financial Navigation Program to Improve Understanding and Management of Financial Aspects of Cancer Care for Patients and Their Spouses

Major Program
NCI Community Oncology Research Program
Research Group
Community Oncology and Prevention Trials
SWOG Cancer Research Network
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For more information, see NCT04960787
This clinical trial examines a financial navigation program in helping patients and their spouses understand and better manage the financial aspects of cancer care. Cancer patients and their spouses may be at high risk for financial problems because of the cost of cancer treatment. A financial navigator is a person or team who work with patients and their families to help them reduce stress or hardship related to the cost of cancer treatment. Financial navigators help patients understand their out-of-pocket expenses and what their health insurance plans may cover. Financial navigation may also help patients set up payment plans, find cost-saving methods for treatments, and improve access to healthcare services that the patient needs. Providing financial navigation to patients may help reduce financial worries and improve quality of life.
Educational Intervention, Patient Navigation, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Questionnaire Administration
Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Cell Neoplasm, Metastatic Malignant Solid Neoplasm, Recurrent Malignant Solid Neoplasm
Veena Shankaran, Jay W. Carlson, Tanmay Sahai, Bryan A. Faller, Deborah W. Wilbur, Joshua Lukenbill, Richard L. Deming, Timothy D. Moore, Ki Y. Chung, Charles W. Drescher, Natalya Greyz-Yusupov, Lisa Bailey, Gary C. Doolittle, Elie G. Dib, Kathleen J. Yost, Bernard Tawfik, Dawn L. Hershman, Gloria Coronado, Matthew L. Ryan, Nicholas DiBella, Gregory A. Masters, Sharad A. Ghamande, Andrew W. Pippas, William E. Burak, Catherine A. Ronaghan, Christa Braun-Inglis, Shahzad Siddique, Marshall P. Stagg, Victor T. Lin, Peter Rubin, Bret E. Friday, Pamala A. Pawloski, John A. Ellerton, Joseph M. Herman, Vinay K. Gudena, Michael Humeniuk, Andrea M. Abbott, Asheesh Shipstone, Site Public Contact, Debra P. Ritzwoller, Joseph J. Merchant, Luis J. Santos Reyes, Matthias Weiss, Nishi N. Shah, Jonathan S. Treisman, Luiz O. Pita De Oliveira, Charles M. Farber, Maria D. Thomson, William J. Irvin, Jose I. Castillo

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