Auricular Point Acupressure to Manage Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy

The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
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For more information, see NCT04920097
The proposed randomized control trial will evaluate auricular point acupressure (APA) on chemotherapy-induced neuropathy (CIN), rigorously considering point specificity and placebo effects by integrating self-report measures, psychophysical measures (QST), endogenous biomarkers (cytokines), and neuro-imaging to investigate APA's efficacy and underlying mechanism(s).

The investigators will use a randomized control trial, three-group design: (1) APA Group, (2) Sham APA Control, and (3) Usual Care Control. A smartphone application for ecological momentary assessment (EMA) will be used to monitor APA adherence and capture momentary CIN severity and analgesic use.
Virtual Auricular Point Acupressure (APA), In-Person Training, Usual Care
Chemotherapy-induced Neuropathy
Constance Johnson, PhD, MS, RN, Constance H Johnson, PhD, MS, RN

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