Making Informed Choices on Incorporating Chemoprevention Into Care (MiCHOICE)

This trial studies the implementation of decision support tools integrated into the
electronic health record and patient portal for patients with atypical hyperplasia or lobular
carcinoma in situ and healthcare providers. Decision support tools are designed to improve
informed choice about breast cancer chemoprevention. Recognizing barriers and facilitators
that can influence the adoption of decision support tools at recruitment centers may help
researchers learn how to best implement them into clinical practice.


Cancer Educational Materials, Decision Aid, Interview, Questionnaire Administration


Atypical Hyperplasia of the Breast, Lobular Breast Carcinoma In Situ, Pleomorphic Lobular Breast Carcinoma In Situ


Katherine D Crew, Bryan A. Faller, Kathleen J. Yost, Christa Braun-Inglis, Katherine D. Crew, Lisa D. Yee, Maria T. Grosse-Perdekamp, Kari B. Wisinski, Sarah V. Colonna, Melissa L. Pilewskie, Erin H. Lin, Samantha A. Seaward, Ana C. Sandoval Leon, Corrine L. Zarwan, Tari A. King, Sandhya Pruthi, Preston D. Steen, Charles W. Drescher, Lindi H. VanderWalde, Masey M. Ross

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