An Internet-based Program to Help Cancer Survivors Manage Pain

Major Program
Supportive Care and Symptom Management
NCI Community Oncology Research Program
Research Group
Community Oncology and Prevention Trials
Wake Forest University Health Sciences
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For more information, see NCT04462302
To determine whether an Internet-based pain coping skills program plus enhanced usual care, compared to enhanced usual care alone, yields significant improvements in the co-primary outcomes of pain severity (as measured by the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)) and pain interference (also measured by the BPI) from baseline to the post-intervention assessment for cancer survivors with persistent pain.
Internet-based pain coping skills program
Glenn Lesser, MD, Suparna Mantha, Timothy D. Moore, Jeffrey K. Giguere, Bryan A. Faller, Christine Rini, Robert J. Behrens, Pamala A. Pawloski, Sarah T. Price, Alexander Menter, Christa Braun-Inglis, Mark A Taylor, Bryan A Faller, William P Fusselman, Richard L Deming, John T Cole, Pamela A Pawloski, Thomas Lycan, Timothy D Moore, Suzanne W Ameringer, Suzanne W W Ameringer, Suzanne Ameringer, Pamala A Pawloski, Jay W Carlson, Valerie Shander, Tareq Al baghdadi, Tareq Tareq, Site Public Contact, None, Natalya Greyz-Yusupov, Dean A, Delmastro, Natalya Greys-Yusupov, Dean A Delmastro, Naalya Greyz-Yusupov, Alexander Itskovich, Samir Narayan, Anjali Varma Desai, Fiori Alite

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