Mobile Health and Social Media Physical Activity Intervention Among Adolescent and Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors, the StepByStep Study

This phase III trial compares a multi-component mobile health and social media physical
activity intervention versus wearing a physical activity tracker alone among adolescent and
young adult childhood cancer survivors. Regular physical activity helps maintain healthy
weight, energy levels, and health. Adolescents and young adults who complete treatment for
cancer are often less active. They may gain weight and have more health problems compared to
people the same age who have not had treatment for cancer. Comparing the 2 programs will help
researchers learn how to increase physical activity levels over time and also how changes in
physical activity levels affect health and quality of life over time.


Educational Intervention, FitBit, Goal Setting, Health Promotion and Education, Media Intervention, Telephone-Based Intervention


Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Cell Neoplasm, Malignant Solid Neoplasm


Nina S Kadan-Lottick, Laura A. Campbell, Michael K. Richards, John J. Gregory, Philip M. Monteleone, Jamie L. Dargart, Jill P. Ginsberg, Kirsten K. Ness, Ksenya Shliakhtsitsava, Anne-Marie R. Langevin, Michelle A. Manalang, Ramamoorthy Nagasubramanian, Juan F. Rico, Sandeep Batra, Kathleen J. Yost, Carola A. Arndt, Robin D. Hanson, Denise A. Rokitka, Steven J. Kuerbitz, Rene Y. McNall-Knapp, Susan J. Lindemulder, Jean M. Tersak, Maria M. Gramatges, Pooja Hingorani, Sarah E. Leary, Joseph C. Torkildson, Saro H. Armenian, Marcio H. Malogolowkin, Emad K. Salman, William B. Slayton, Amy A. Smith, Jaime M. Libes, Lolie C. Yu, Aniket Saha, Hamayun Imran, Jacqueline N. Casillas, Karen S. Fernandez, Michael S. Isakoff, Jeffrey A. Toretsky, Jeffrey S. Dome, Iftikhar Hanif, Melissa S. Singer, Fouad M. Hajjar, Eugenia Chang, Gregory P. Brandt, Aghiad Chamdin, Robert J. Hayashi, Minnie Abromowitch, Nibal A. Zaghloul, Haydar A. Frangoul, Samer Zaid Kaylani, Shannon M. Cohn, Ranjan Bista, Eric J. Lowe, Judy L. Felgenhauer, Kenneth B. De Santes, Lisa A. Mueller, Anderson (Andy) B. Collier, Jennifer J. Welch, Farzana Pashankar, Rebecca O. Clark, Joel A. Kaplan, Janice F. Olson

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