Haloperidol and Lorazepam in Controlling Symptoms of Persistent Agitated Delirium in Patients With Advanced Cancer Undergoing Palliative Care

This phase II/IIII trial studies how well haloperidol and lorazepam work in controlling
symptoms of persistent agitated delirium in patients with cancer that has spread to other
places in the body undergoing palliative care. Haloperidol and lorazepam may help in
controlling symptoms of agitated delirium in patients with cancer and may lessen any distress
that their caregivers may be experiencing.


Haloperidol, Lorazepam, Placebo, Quality-of-Life Assessment, Questionnaire Administration


Delirium, Locally Advanced Malignant Neoplasm, Metastatic Malignant Neoplasm, Recurrent Malignant Neoplasm


David Hui, Egidio Del Fabbro, Carlos E. Paiva

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