Clinical Trial of Lung Cancer Chemoprevention With Sulforaphane in Former Smokers

Research Group
Nutritional Science
Jian-Min Yuan, MD
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For more information, see NCT03232138
This research study involves taking an experimental anti-cancer dietary supplement called
Sulforaphane (SF) or a placebo (product without any supplement content) over a period of
twelve months in order to determine if it is a useful dietary supplement for prevention of
lung cancer in humans.

The main goals of this research study are:

1. To learn about the effects of giving Sulforaphane (SF) to former smokers who are still
at high risk of developing cancer due to their smoking history and whether or not their
condition improves, stays the same or becomes worse after Sulforaphane (SF) is given.

2. To learn whether Sulforaphane (SF) might reverse some of the lung cell changes
associated with future development of lung cancer.
Sulforaphane, Placebo
Lung Cancer
Jian-Min Yuan, MD, PhD

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