Phase 3 Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial of Donepezil

This study is to compare the safety and effects of donepezil (Aricept) for patients reporting
cognitive or memory issues after receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. Patients will
receive either donepezil or placebo for 24 weeks. The primary objective is to see if memory
improves with the use of donepezil during the study.


Donepezil 5 mg, Placebo


Cognitive Dysfunction, Memory Impairment


Stephen R Rapp, PhD, John T. Cole, Samantha A. Seaward, Robert J. Behrens, Bryan A. Faller, Tareq Al Baghdadi, Thomas J. Saphner, Shaker R. Dakhil, Victor G. Vogel, Deepa B. Jagtap, Alison K. Conlin, David S. Hanson, Richard L. Deming, Drew S. Dill, Jeffrey L. Berenberg, Alexander Menter, Amarinthia (Amy) Curtis, Jonathan A. Polikoff, Raymond Thertulien, Jeffrey K. Giguere, Pamala A. Pawloski, Anthony J. Jaslowski, Kathleen J. Yost, Howard M. Gross, Preston D. Steen, John E. Doster, Arlene A. Gayle, Nagesh H. Jayaram, Gregory A. Masters, Pratima Chalasani, William P. Fusselman, Jay W. Carlson, Frank J. Brescia, Heidi D. Klepin, Eun-mi Yu, Timothy D. Moore, Christopher H. Chay, Vinay K. Gudena, Sandeep H. Mashru, James E. Radford, Collin D. Driscoll

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