Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy With or Without Hippocampal Avoidance in Treating Patients With Limited Stage or Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

This randomized phase II/III trial studies how well whole-brain radiation therapy works and compares it with or without hippocampal avoidance in treating patients with small cell lung cancer that is found in one lung, the tissues between the lungs, and nearby lymph nodes only (limited stage) or has spread outside of the lung in which it began or to other parts of the body (extensive stage). Radiation therapy uses high energy x-rays to kill tumor cells and shrink tumors. The hippocampus is part of the brain that is important for memory. Avoiding the hippocampus during whole-brain radiation could decrease the chance of side effects on memory and thinking. It is not yet known whether giving whole-brain radiation therapy is more effective with or without hippocampal avoidance in treating patients with small cell lung cancer.


3-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy, Cognitive Assessment, Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy, Laboratory Biomarker Analysis, Quality-of-Life Assessment


Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Carcinoma, Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Carcinoma


Vinai Gondi, Anne Dagnault, Minesh P. Mehta, Sinisa Stanic, Eric A. Mellon, Kristin J. Redmond, Albert S. DeNittis, Christopher U. Jones, Kristin A. Higgins, Gregory A. Russo, Terrence P. Cescon, Edmund L. Simon, Samir Narayan, Christopher J. Anker, John R. Mansueti, Kathleen J. Yost, Anand Mahadevan, Gregory A. Masters, John H. Heinzerling, Eleanor M. Walker, Fen Wang, Aaron W. Pederson, Bryan A. Faller, Shannon Offerman, David T. Marshall, Michael D. Zurenko, Michael D. Mix, Jay W. Carlson, Weining Zhen, Abraham J. Wu, Frank A. Vicini, Stephanie E. Weiss, Shaker R. Dakhil, Michelle J. Ferguson, Pranshu Mohindra, Jack J. Hong, Robert B. Ash, Gregory M. M. Videtic, Evan M. Landau, Andrew M. Baschnagel, Collin D. Driscoll, Preston D. Steen, Rajiv Sharma, John A. Ellerton, Richard A. Peterson, Yuhchyau Chen, James C. Tucker, Wenyin Shi, William R. Bodner, Brian K. Chang, Desiree E. Doncals, Thomas M. Schroeder, Ronald C. McGarry, Amit B. Shah, Klaudia U. Hunter, Chi K. Tsang, Vijayananda Kundapur, Karl E. Haglund, Alexander Y. Sun, David M. Dubin, Matthew M. Harkenrider, Christopher S. Platta, Paul B. Fowler, Ying J. Hitchcock, Sajeel A. Chowdhary, Justin M. Rineer, John M. Schallenkamp, Inga S. Grills, Rupesh R. Kotecha, Sergio L. Faria, Leander Cannick, Gaurav Marwaha, Bevan Ly, Krishna C. Alluri, Tithi Biswas, Steven R. Bonin, Isabelle Thibault, Cheryl M. Czerlanis, William V. Walsh, Amit K. Bhatt, Timothy D. Moore, Richard L. Jennelle, Richard Y. Lee, Robert J. Isaak, Clifford G. Robinson, Rachelle M. Lanciano, Henry S. Park, John L. Mikell, Thomas E. Lad, Joshua Lukenbill, Joseph A. Bovi, Ashok Ramalingam, Zishan Allibhai

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