Meaning-Centered Counseling for Chinese Patients Who Are Being Treated for Advanced Cancer

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Supportive Care and Symptom Management
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Community Oncology and Prevention Trials
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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For more information, see NCT02112188
The purpose of the study is to modify a type of counseling called "Individual Meaning Centered Psychotherapy" to meet the needs of Chinese cancer patients. Many cancer patients use counseling or other resources to help cope with the emotional burden of their illnesses. Counseling often helps them cope with cancer by giving them a place to express their feelings. "Meaning-Centered" counseling aims to teach cancer patients how to maintain or even increase a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, despite cancer.
Adaptation of IMCP for Chinese Immigrant Cancer Patients, In-depth Patient Interviews, Individual Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy for Chinese (IMCP-Ch) (For Phase 3 and Phase 4)
Advanced Cancer
Florence Lui, PhD, Francesca Gany, MD,MS, Adriana Espinosa, MD

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