The Cancer of the Pancreas Screening-5 CAPS5)Study

Johns Hopkins University
Recruiting ID
For more information, see NCT02000089
Johns Hopkins clinical research office quality assurance group will monitor and audit this study at Johns Hopkins. The Sub Investigator at each site will be responsible for internal monitoring at their site.
MRI, Secretin, Tumor marker gene test with CA19-9
Pancreas Cancer, Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome (PJS), Gene Mutation, Germline Mutation Carrier, Lynch Syndrome
Michael Goggins, MD, Randall Brand, MD, Maureen DeMarshall, RN, Barbara Heaton, Amitabh Chak, MD, Sapna Syngal, MD, Emily Blair, James Farrell, MD, Chinedu Ukaegbu, Christine Decapite, Bryson Katona, MD, Elena Stoffel, MD, Marcia I Canto, MD, Tiffany Lam, Daniel Clay, Erika Koeppe, MS, Wendy Brock, RN, Fay Kastrinos, MD, Hilary Cosby, RN, CGRN, Scott Merenda, BSN, Sara Booz

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