Relaxation for Women With Breast Cancer Undergoing Radiotherapy

Major Program
Supportive Care and Symptom Management
Research Group
Community Oncology and Prevention Trials
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
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For more information, see NCT01202851
The goal of this behavioral research study is to compare two different forms of relaxation programs that will include stretching and relaxation techniques, in order to learn if and how well they may help to improve physical and emotional well-being. This will be tested in patients with breast cancer who are receiving radiation therapy. For comparison purposes, there will also be a group of participants that does not take part in the relaxation programs.

This is an investigational study. The relaxation programs are being compared for research purposes only.

An "assessment" is any time you complete a set of scheduled activities for this study, such as tests and questionnaires.

Up to 700 patients will take part in this study. All will be enrolled at MD Anderson.
Questionnaires, Relaxation Program, Saliva Testing
Breast Cancer
Lorenzo Cohen, PHD

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