PI Name PI Organization Title Grant Number Initiative Program Director
Yuan, Jian-Min

University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
United States

Randomized Clinical Trial of Lung Cancer Chemoprevention with Sulforaphane in Former Smokers 5R01CA213123-05 Young Kim, Ph.D.
Mason, Joel B

Tufts University Boston
United States

Colorectal tumorigenesis on a cricket powder-based diet versus diets based on more typical protein sources 5R03CA252672-02 Amit Kumar, Ph.D.
Shalon, Tidhar Dari

Envivo Bio Inc
United States

Development and clinical evaluation of the CapScan gastrointestinal sampling device for metabolomics monitoring 1R21CA260665-01A1 PAR-20-133 Sharon Ross, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Panda, Satchidananda

Salk Institute For Biological Studies
United States

Impact of Time-Restricted Feeding in Reducing Cancer Risk Through Optimizing Mitochondria Function 5R01CA258221-02 RFA-CA-20-004 (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) Nancy J. Emenaker, Ph.D., R.D.N., L.D., F.A.N.D.
Johnson, Jeremy James

University Of Illinois At Chicago
United States

Defining the role of isoprenylated xanthones from the mangosteen for enhancing degradation of full length and variant forms of androgen receptor in prostate cancer 5R37CA227101-05 Amit Kumar, Ph.D.
Goncalves, Marcus Dasilva

Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell Univ
United States

Molecular Mechanisms of Fructose-induced Colorectal Cancer Cell Survival 5R01CA258697-02 PA-20-185 (Parent R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Amit Kumar, Ph.D.
Rosenberg, Daniel William

University Of Connecticut Sch Of Med/Dnt
United States

Microbiota, Metabolites, and Colon Neoplasia 5R01CA252045-02 PA-18-902 (R01 Clinical Trial Optional) Amit Kumar, Ph.D.
Chapkin, Robert Stephen

Texas A&M Agrilife Research
United States

Targeting plasma membrane spatial dynamics to suppress aberrant Wnt signaling 5R01CA244359-03 Amit Kumar, Ph.D.
Carson, Tiffany Lashaun

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
United States

Determining the structural- and functional-level effects of diet-specific interventions on the gut microbiota of a diverse sample of Southern United States adults 5R01CA253219-03 Young Kim, Ph.D.
Kupfer, Sonia

University Of Chicago
United States

Colonic responses to vitamin D and aspirin in African- and European-Americans 5R01CA220329-05 Gabriela Riscuta, M.D., C.N.S.