PI Name Sort descending PI Organization Title Grant Number Initiative Program Director
Brown, David Lawrence

University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
United States

Surgical treatment of post-surgical mastectomy pain utilizing the regenerative peripheral nerve interface (RPNI) 5R21CA234760-02 PAR-18-020 (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) Diane St Germain, R.N., M.S., C.R.N.P.
Bruner, Deborah Watkins

Nrg Oncology Foundation, Inc.
United States

NRG Oncology NCORP Research Base 5UG1CA189867-09 Worta McCaskill-Stevens, M.D., M.S.
Bylund, Carma L.

University Of Florida
United States

Dignity Therapy for Older Cancer Patients: Identifying Mechanisms and Moderators 5R01CA253330-02 Diane St Germain, R.N., M.S., C.R.N.P.
Cantuaria, Guilherme

Northside Hospital Atlanta
United States

Georgia NCI Community Oncology Research Program (GA NCORP) 5UG1CA189997-09 Worta McCaskill-Stevens, M.D., M.S.
Carlson, Jay W

Ozark Health Ventures, Llc
United States

Ozark Health Ventures LLC dba Cancer Research for the Ozarks (CRO) 5UG1CA189822-09 Worta McCaskill-Stevens, M.D., M.S.
Cheville, Andrea Lynne

Mayo Clinic Rochester
United States

Achieving Equity through SocioCulturally-informed, Digitally-Enabled Cancer Pain managemeNT” (ASCENT) Clinical Trial 1R61CA278594-01 Alexis Bakos, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.N.
Chung, Ki Young

Prisma Health-Upstate
United States

NCORP of the Carolinas (Greenville Health System NCORP) 5UG1CA189972-09 Worta McCaskill-Stevens, M.D., M.S.
Cole, Peter D

Rutgers Biomedical And Health Sciences
United States

Identifying children with subclinical neurocognitive decline and susceptibility to oxidative damage during the early months of therapy for ALL 7R01CA220568-05 Diane St Germain, R.N., M.S., C.R.N.P.
Conley, Yvette P

University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh
United States

Epigenomics of Neurocognitive Function in Breast Cancer 5R01CA221882-05 Diane St Germain, R.N., M.S., C.R.N.P.
Cope, Timothy C

Georgia Institute Of Technology
United States

Novel Path to Chronic Sensorimotor Dysfunction and Treatment for Chemotherapy 5R01CA221363-05 Alexis Bakos, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.N.