Active Chemopreventive Agent Development Grants

PI Name Organization - Company Title Project Numbersort descending Fiscal Year
Curiel-Lewandrowski, Clara University Of Arizona Targeted Prevention for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer 1P01CA229112-01A1 2019
Liby, Karen T. Michigan State University Nrf2, immune cells and lung cancer 1R01CA226690-01A1 2019
Digiovanni, John University Of Texas, Austin Identification of Natural Compound Combinations for Prevention of Prostate Cancer 1R01CA228404-01A1 2019
Kassie, Fekadu University Of Minnesota Lung cancer prevention and treatment by targeting ALDH1 and CD44 expressing putative lung cancer stem cells 1R01CA231210-01A1 2019
You, Ming Medical College Of Wisconsin Chemoprevention of lung cancer by targeting lonidamine to mitochondria 1R01CA232433-01A1 2019
Hoshida, Yujin Ut Southwestern Medical Center Reverse-engineering precision liver cancer chemoprevention 1R01CA233794-01 2019
Peters, Jeffrey M Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Unique targeting of PPARβ/δ regulation for cancer prevention and therapy 1R01CA239256-01A1 2020
Bissonnette, Bruce Marc University Of Chicago CXCR4 as a target for colon cancer chemoprevention 1R01CA240710-01 2019
Hofseth, Lorne J University Of South Carolina At Columbia Harnessing the power of p53 with Panaxynol from American Ginseng to suppress colitis and prevent colon cancer 1R01CA246809-01 2020
Zhang, Guodong University Of Massachusetts Amherst Prevention of obesity-enhanced colorectal cancer via targeting soluble epoxide hydrolase 1R03CA237795-01 2019
Kroll, Eugene University Of Montana A combination therapy for interventional treatment of triple-negative breast cancer 1R15CA242394-01 2019
Largaespada, David Andrew University Of Minnesota Recurrent Tumor-Specific Alternately Processed Transcripts as a Source of Neoantigens for NF1-associated Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor Immunoprevention 1UG3CA244687-01 2019
Altorki, Nasser Khaled Weill Medical Coll Of Cornell Univ Intercepting progression from pre-invasive to invasive lung adenocarcinoma 1UG3CA244697-01 2019
Elmets, Craig A University Of Alabama At Birmingham RXR Rexinoids for Cancer Chemoprevention 5P01CA210946-03 2019
Gladyshev, Vadim N. Brigham And Women'S Hospital Selenoproteins as targets for cancer prevention 5R01CA080946-18 2018