Active Chemopreventive Agent Development Grants

PI Name Organization - Company Title FOAsort descending
Gladyshev, Vadim N. Brigham And Women'S Hospital Selenoproteins as targets for cancer prevention PA-11-260: Research Project Grant
Xi, Yaguang Lsu Health Sciences Center MicroRNA and colorectal cancer chemoprevention PA-12-213: Identifying Non-coding RNA Targets for Early Detection of Cancer
Kang, Ningling University Of Minnesota Chemoprevention of colon cancer by targeting the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Clapper, Margie L. Research Inst Of Fox Chase Can Ctr Targeted Chemoprevention of Flat and Polypoid Colitis-associated Dysplasias PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Kong, Ah-Ng Tony Rutgers, The State Univ Of N.J. Prevention of skin cancer by phytochemicals via Nrf2 and epigenetics PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Piazza, Gary A University Of South Alabama Phosphodiesterase 10A, a novel target for lung cancer chemoprevention PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Zi, Xiaolin University Of California-Irvine The NEDD8 pathway mediated Skp2 degradation in chemoprevention by FKA PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Casero, Robert A. Johns Hopkins University Identification of novel spermine oxidase (SMOX) inhibitors as probes for an emerging chemoprevention target PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Khan, Seema Ahsan Northwestern University At Chicago Progesterone Signaling and Blockade in Human Breast Tumorigenesis and Prevention PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Tsai, Kenneth Y H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst MicroRNA Targets for Chemoprevention of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (R01 CA194062-01A1) PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Li, Yi Baylor College Of Medicine Ruxolitinib for Preventing Breast Cancer in Women on Neuroleptics PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Rao, Chinthalapally V. University Of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Safer Approaches to CRC Chemoprevention PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Sun, Luzhe University Of Texas Hlth Science Center Aging mammary stem cells and breast cancer prevention PA-13-302: Research Project Grant
Rodriguez, Gustavo Northshore University Healthsystem Vitamin D and Progestins for the Chemoprevention of Fallopian Tube/Ovarian Cancer PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant
Fan, Daping University Of South Carolina At Columbia Emodin as a chemopreventive agent for breast cancer PA-16-160: NIH Research Project Grant