PI Name Sort ascending PI Organization Title Grant Number Initiative Program Director
Schnaar, Ronald L

Johns Hopkins University
United States

Ganglioside interactome toolkit 5U01CA241953-03 Guillermo Marquez, Ph.D.
Schloss, Patrick David

University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor
United States

muMS2: an open source R package for analyzing and integrating multi-omics datasets to improve early detection and understanding of colorectal cancer 1U01CA264071-01A1 RFA-CA-21-014 (U01 Clinical Trial Optional) Christos Patriotis, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Schabath, Matthew B

H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst
United States

Moffitt Imaging Biomarker VAlidation Center 3U01CA200464-05S1 Richard Mazurchuk, Ph.D.
Sariol, Carlos A

University Of Puerto Rico Med Sciences
United States

SARS-CoV-2 correlates of protection in a Latino-origin population 3U01CA260541-02S1 Guillermo Marquez, Ph.D.
Saenger, Yvonne Margaret

Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
United States

Applying pathomics to establish a biosignature for aggressive skin melanoma 7R01CA260375-02 Guillermo Marquez, Ph.D.
Roy, Hemant K.

Baylor College Of Medicine
United States

Microvasculature in Colon Field Carcinogenesis: Clinical-Biological Implications 5R01CA224911-05 Matthew Young, Ph.D.
Rohan, Thomas E

Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
United States

Molecular markers of risk of subsequent invasive breast cancer in women wth ductal carcinoma in situ 5R01CA218429-06 Christos Patriotis, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Roberts, Steven A

Washington State University
United States

Characterizing the contribution of transcription-associated DNA-topoisomerase adducts to mutagenesis in cancer 1R21CA264086-01A1 PAR-19-252 (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) Richard Mazurchuk, Ph.D.
Rajkumar, S Vincent

Mayo Clinic Rochester
United States

Onset and biomarkers for progression of monoclonal gammopathies 5R01CA168762-09 Lynn Sorbara, Ph.D.
Radisky, Derek C

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
United States

Involution-based biomarkers of breast cancer risk 5R01CA237602-03 Christos Patriotis, Ph.D., M.Sc.