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The HPV Vaccine: Increasing the Use of an Important Cancer Prevention Tool

Last month, I released a report to the White House and the public, HPV Vaccination for Cancer Prevention: Progress, Opportunities, and a Renewed Call to Action. This report describes the progress thatā€™s been made toward... Read More

POSTED: 12/20/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

Vitamin D Supplements Donā€™t Reduce Cancer Incidence, Trial Shows

In the largest-ever randomized clinical trial testing vitamin D for cancer prevention, the supplement did not reduce the risk of developing cancer. A large body of epidemiology research had suggested that people with higher... Read More

POSTED: 12/13/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

Can Topical Drugs Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

The drug tamoxifen can help prevent breast cancer in women at an increased risk of the disease. But many women who stand to benefit from tamoxifen do not take the drugā€”a pillā€”because of concerns about side effects, such as... Read More

POSTED: 12/04/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

Self-described ā€œbig fanā€ of the NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), NCI Director Norman (Ned) Sharpless, M.D., welcomed investigators and administrators from the program to their annual meeting in late September... Read More

POSTED: 11/08/2018

NCI Director Norman (Ned) Sharpless welcoming investigators and administrators from the program to their annual meeting in late September in Bethesda, Maryland.

RESEARCH UPDATE: ON THE CLINICAL FRONT Diet, Inflammation, and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors Modifiable lifestyle factors, such as diet, may decrease inflammation and improve quality of life (QOL) in early-... Read More

POSTED: 10/30/2018

Image of a woman eating healthy foods.

Through research, interventions and actions have been shown to reduce risk for a wide variety of cancers. This infographic highlights six categories of actions that may help prevent cancer. Infographic Highlight... Read More

POSTED: 10/15/2018

Cancer prevention interventions available today include: medications, lifestyle choices, treatments for infections, screening tests, vaccines, and surgery.

The National Cancer Institute issued two funding opportunityannouncements to create a grant-funded network for early phase cancer prevention trials. Requests for Applications for the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network... Read More

POSTED: 09/25/2018

Image of a daughter accompanying her father during a consultation with a physician.

Heart Problems: Investigating the Cardiac Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

In June, approximately 100 researchers attended a workshop on the campus of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD, about an important but underappreciated side effect of some treatments for cancer: heart... Read More

POSTED: 09/21/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

Daily Low-dose Aspirin Found to Have No Effect on Healthy Life Span in Older People

In a large clinical trial to determine the risks and benefits of daily low-dose aspirin in healthy older adults without previous cardiovascular events, aspirin did not prolong healthy, independent living (life free of... Read More

POSTED: 09/16/2018
SOURCE: NIH Press Release

Pile of pills aspirin

Integrating Geriatric Assessment into Cancer Care: A Conversation with Dr. Supriya Mohile

More than 60% of patients with cancer are age 65 and over. Despite the relatively high prevalence of cancer in older adults, there is a gap in knowledge about the safest and most effective cancer treatments for patients in... Read More

POSTED: 09/11/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

Access to Care May Reduce Cancer Disparities

When enrolled in a cancer clinical trial, the differences in survival rates between rural and urban patients are significantly reduced, SWOG study results show. The study results are published in JAMA Network Open by a team... Read More

POSTED: 08/17/2018

Portrait of Joesph Unger, Ph.D.

RESEARCH UPDATE: ON THE CLINICAL FRONT Vitamin D Genetic Risk Score and Cancer Risk Several observational studies indicate an inverse association between circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) and cancer incidence and a... Read More

POSTED: 08/02/2018

A collection of foods high in Vitamin D.

The Opioid Epidemic and Cancer Pain Management: A Conversation with Dr. Judith Paice

Pain is a common symptom in cancer patients. It can be caused by cancer, its treatments, or a combination of factors. Although some pain lasts a relatively short time and will resolve on its own, cancer or its treatments can... Read More

POSTED: 07/16/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

Judith Paice, Ph.D., R.N., director of the Cancer Pain Program, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Cancer Prevention Message Is Key for HPV Vaccination Discussions with Parents

Health care providers should emphasize cancer prevention when discussing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination with the parents of preteens who are due to receive the vaccine. Thatā€™s the conclusion of a new study that asked... Read More

POSTED: 07/10/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

NCI and VA collaborate to boost veteransā€™ access to cancer clinical trials

Veterans with cancer who receive treatment from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will now have easier access to clinical trials of novel cancer treatments, thanks to an agreement between VA and the National Cancer... Read More

POSTED: 07/10/2018
SOURCE: NCI Press Release

Map of the United States displaying the NAVIGATE sites.

The NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) issued three funding opportunity announcements; one each for Community Sites, Minority/Underserved Community Sites, and Research Bases. In addition, the program announced... Read More

POSTED: 06/25/2018

NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP)

Finasteride Safe, Long-Term Results Show

Twenty five years after it opened for enrollment, the landmark Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial has delivered a final verdict. Finasteride, a common hormone-blocking drug, reduces men'sĀ risk of getting prostate cancer... Read More

POSTED: 05/21/2018

RESEARCH UPDATE: ON THE CLINICAL FRONT Association of Gut Microbial Communities with Lipopolysaccharide Binding Protein in Premenopausal Women Gut microbial communities (GMC) may influence chronic microinflammation in... Read More

POSTED: 05/14/2018

A illustration displaying gut microbial.

Study Shows Experimental Screening Test Can Detect Endometrial and Ovarian Cancers

Researchers have shown that anĀ experimental screeningĀ test can detect someĀ endometrialĀ andĀ ovarian cancersĀ at their early, more treatableĀ stages. The test, called PapSEEK, is a type ofĀ liquid biopsyĀ that identifies cancer-... Read More

POSTED: 05/02/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

PapSEEK detects genetic alterations in DNA that ovarian and endometrial tumors have shed into the uterus, cervix, and blood (plasma).

Division of Cancer Prevention Director Barry Kramer, M.D., M.P.H., answers questions about cancer overdiagnosis. Q: What is cancer overdiagnosis? A: Cancer overdiagnosis is the detection of asymptomatic cancers, often... Read More

POSTED: 04/23/2018

Partial thumbnail of the 'What is Cancer Overdiagnosis?' infographic.

The Finding Cancer Trials Collaborative

Imagine a day when a cancer patient can find relevant cancer clinical trials with ease. We invite the entire cancer community ā€“ including patients, advocates, clinical trialists, industry, and NCI ā€“ to achieve this vision... Read More

POSTED: 04/16/2018

Finding Cancer Trials Collaborative

The PREVENT Cancer Preclinical Drug Development Program (PREVENT) is a peer-reviewed program designed to support development of the best ideas in cancer prevention using National Cancer Institute contract resources. The... Read More

POSTED: 04/13/2018

Interactive App Improves Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates

Although screening for colorectal cancer has been shown to decrease deaths from the disease, only about two-thirds of Americans are up to date with screening. Now a new study suggests that giving people an easy way to order... Read More

POSTED: 04/09/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

An image of man researching colorectal cancer screening rates on a tablet.

NCI Launches New Resource for Specimens and Data from Cancer Clinical Trials

NCI announced the launch today of a new resource for cancer researchers interested in conducting studies using specimens and clinical data collected from cancer treatment trials in NCIā€™s National Clinical Trials Network (... Read More

POSTED: 04/02/2018
SOURCE: NCI Cancer Currents Blog

A tray of biological specimen vials.

RESEARCH UPDATE: ON THE CLINICAL FRONT Prevention of Carcinogen-Induced Oral Cancer by Sulforaphane In a study by Bauman and colleagues, in vitro and in vivo models and a pilot clinical trial investigated the potential... Read More

POSTED: 02/14/2018

An image of cruciferous vegetables